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Mama prefers young girls DVD

Duration: 110 mins
This DVD contains 6 movies
Price: $19.00
1 mom and daugher incest
  Mom and daughter incest
2 granddaughters and grandmother incest
  Granddaughters and grandmother incest
3 mom and daughter incest
  Mom and daughter incest
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  Granddaughter and granny incest
6 mom and daughter incest
  Mom and daughter incest

Mom and daughter incest

A teenage girl walks home from school and finds her mother is waiting for her in the kitchen. Mom is not happy, as her little girl has been seen shoplifting in the village and she wants some answers. The naughty girl pretends to be innocent, so mom pulls the girl over her knee for punishment. After spanking her daughter's cheeks a few times, mom begins to enjoy dominating her daughter. The old lady starts to fondle her daughter between the legs while she continues the spanking. The helpless daughter tries to struggle free, but mom is in firm control. Next, mom lifts her skirt and spreads her legs wide over the arms of a chair presenting her huge sloppy cunt to her daughter and instructs the girl to eat her out.

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Granddaughters and grandmother incest

A 60+ year old woman is talking to her two granddaughters on her bed. They discuss her new red underwear and point at her liver spots. The old woman starts to get turned on as they run their hands over her wrinkly stomach and legs. The older uninhibited granddaughter pulls out her grandmother’s droopy breasts and caresses them. Unsure of what to do, the younger granddaughter watches reservedly as her sister strips her grandmother and licks at her grisly cunt. Not before long, the old lady’s fingers are exploring the two young women as her shaking hands squeezes their tits and jerkily prods at their pussies. The old woman loves the lesbian incest experience and trembles in excitement as she fondles her grandchildren.

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Mom and daughter incest

Mom takes a moment to check on her teenage daughter in her bedroom. The young blonde girl is on her bed with her skirt ruffled up to her waist and mom catches a glimpse of her daughter's pussy. She sits herself on her daughter's bed and asks to see more. The astonished daughter then watches her mom go down and lick at her pussy. The two of them are soon stuffing their tongues into each other's cunts.

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Lesbian old woman and girl

An old lady is caught peaking through a keyhole into a hotel room by a young female guest. The young blonde knocks the old lady to the ground and then takes pity on the surprised old woman. The girl revives the old lady with kisses and then offers her body to the woman. The stunned old lady sucks on the girl's perky tits and munches on the girl's pussy at the top of the hotel stairway. To keep the old woman happy, the girl kneels down and feasts upon the old lady's cunt.

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Granddaughter and granny incest

Eleanor and her 60-year-old granny are sitting in the dining room reading shopping catalogs together. They smile, touch hands and begin to cuddle and kiss. The old lady leads the way undressing her granddaughter and soon they are on the carpet naked fondling each other's bodies. Granny enjoys fingering her granddaughters pouting pussy lips and sucking the girl's nipples. The blonde girl runs her hands all over the old lady's big breasts and goes down between her granny's chubby thighs to lick the old woman's clit.

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Mom and daughter incest

A blonde mom and daughter kiss on the sofa. The 40+ mom feels-up the girl through her clothing. They slowly take each other's clothes off. The daughter licks her mom's nipples and slides her hand between her mom's legs. The horny mature woman spreads her legs and lets the girl lick and play with her cunt. Mom then pulls her daughter's panties down and uses a vibrator on the girl's pussy.

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