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German women fucking young girls 2 DVD

Duration: 135 mins
This DVD contains 5 movies
Price: $19.00
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Family incest

A mature 50+ redhead lady is quietly reading an erotic novel at home on the sofa. She pulls up her skirt and plays with her pussy and gently squeezes her big tits. While absorbed in her book, her son arrives home with some family friends and surprises the lady. The horny mom wants to see some skin and have a little fun. She spreads her legs and invites a cute teenage girl to lick her cunt, while the others fuck around her.

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A mature 50+ dominant lady has a young girl to play with. She sits her girl on the edge of the armchair, spreads the girls legs and inspects the girls cunt, probing the girl with her fingers. The lady then hoists her own skirt up high and takes the hand of the girl and inserts it deep into her own cunt and then deep into her ass.

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Mother-daughter lesbian incest orgy

A mature woman is really desperate for sex. She can't wait any longer. While her daughter is in the living room chatting with her friends, she goes to the bedroom and telephones the young girl next door to come over and fuck her. The daughter walks in and catches mom getting head from the girl. Mom is too turned on to care, and invites her daughter to join in the fun. The daughter is put in a suspended harness to keep her legs open and is licked and fucked by her mother and the girl. Mom is next in the harness and gets her cunt eaten by both her daughter and the girl. The daughter's two girlfriends appear and join in the lesbian orgy with mom.

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Mother and daughter piss and sperm bath

This mature women is a complete slut. She stands astride her look-a-like daughter's face, and feeds her cunt to the horny youngster. She then goes down and licks her daughter's pussy leaving the girl heaving in pleasure. The two of them are joined by some men and fucked hard, while continuing to lick and kiss one another in a perverse frenzy. Mom then takes all the cum from a dozen men right in her mouth until her face is a dripping mess. To clean it up, another young girl appears to lick the cum back off the mature lady's face.

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Grandmother incest

A teenage girl visits her grandmother's house to celebrate her 18th birthday. Little does she know that her grandmother has prepared a special party for her. The old woman is a devoted lesbian and loves young girls. She keeps a teenage girl in servitude as a house maid and makes the girl perform sex acts. In the back room, the old lady has another girl as a sex toy for her amusement. Now that her granddaughter has turned 18 she wants to groom the girl into a young lesbian. The granddaughter has to have sex with her grandmother. The old woman also has sex with each of the three young girls in her house.

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